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Through many years of being in the mortgage field service industry, we have built an extensive knowledge of all aspects of real estate, construction, building maintenance, multi-project management and customer service. Whether you are a homeowner looking to have a few projects completed around your home or a large property management company needing hundreds of tasks done, with cutting edge technology and a dedicated team of professionals, we are able to complete all of your assignments in a timely manner. Our team of highly trained professionals are standing by 24 hours a day, ready to serve you.

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Jack works here!

Yes, with our team, you may call everyone, Jack. Our specialty is getting your weekends back. C.W.P.R., LLC offers quality work in any aspect related to construction or maintenance. Odd jobs - No problem. Large facility turns or residential turnovers - We can do it. Realtor or Inspector punch list - We can get it done, on time. Large mess to get hauled out - We will be there. Our Jacks are more than just handy men, we are highly experienced in residential and commercial maintenance and construction.
Go do what you love, we'll get your projects done. 

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Photo by bobloblaw/iStock / Getty Images


Do you have a fixer upper you want to get on the market? We can help with every step, from planning to labor or managing the entire project. Our team of "Jacks" have extensive experience and problem solving skills. 


We manage hundreds of work orders and several crews every day. Utilizing these skills and offering them to property managers, gives them the leg up and enables them to offer quality maintenance solutions to their clients. With cutting edge software, it is easy to send work requests out. Our team monitors your needs 24 hours a day, which enables us to quickly respond to any emergency or time sensitive request.  

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After working for banks for several years, we have thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of all loan types and their respective requirements for buying, selling, or bringing to market their products. Industry leading software allows us to get the work properly documented with paperwork and photos, and sent back to the office with just one click. We can provide any service for any stage of the REO process, from initial clean out to landscaping and maid services. We can do it all for you.